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Personal Values

There is no better time than now to talk about the importance of personal values. Business and company values are very different to personal values but if there is no synergy between the two, there will be a disconnect between what the company feels is valuable and what the people or person may think is valuable.

Life is a journey and a culmination of experiences. We know that some people have a clear path to where they are going. Some are explorers, discovering as they go. In all cases, our values and beliefs help shape and guide us along the way.

I grew-up in Berri South Australia on an orchard - we had unspoken family values one of which was work. Work came before anything, sport, swimming, friends or fun. Being the eldest of six children, I was expected to lead the way. We all grew up with a very strong work ethic. My parents and I came to Australia  as migrants with nothing but a suit case, they worked hard to provide for us and we lived well. My father lost his life at the early age of 60 from lung cancer so he didn't have the opportunity to live and enjoy the fruits of his labour. 

Having strong values around work and work ethics have served me well, I ran two great businesses and now work as a coach and mentor to help others, but there was a lot that I missed out on. I was a young mum to my beautiful daughter and because I worked hard to survive and take care of us both, we both missed having precious time together.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - when I look back, there really wasn't much I could change, my highest value at that time was to have financial security and to have that meant that I had to work.

Values are our aspirations and intentions, they motivate us in how we spend our time. Our time is a limited resource, we only have so many heart beats, once we spend this day, it is gone forever. When you don’t use your time effectively, you don’t get the results you want. Prioritising allows you to be consistent with your actions and keep you on a steady course without becoming victim to constant distraction.

Values act as your GPS to get you back on course every single day, so that you keep moving in the right direction – towards a life which is your own ideal.

Self-mastery involves overcoming or eliminating your fear-based beliefs of limitation, lacking. resentment, not being enough or having low self esteem.  When your beliefs and behaviours are out of alignment with what is important to you - your values - you lack authenticity. Susan Scott in her book Fierce Conversations says "When you don't live in integrity with your values, you suffer at a cellular level" you get sick.


Knowing your values

The benefit of knowing your values is that you will have clarity and focus, and then using this clarity and focus you will make decisions, that are right for you and you will commit to taking the right action.

There will always be someone who can’t see your worth – don’t let it be you. 

By identifying what is important to you and reflecting on how you are living, you will be able to identify where you are out of balance. When our life is out of balance we begin to behave in unhealthy ways which don't serve us and distract us from who we are aspiring to be. When we are in balance we lead our lives according to our values, we experience a more balanced and harmonious life, it affects us internally and externally in how we interact with the world.

Decide today to accept 100 percent responsibility for everything you are or ever will be. It can be the biggest most exhilarating decision you ever make. Making this decision sets you free to get started and keep going towards what you really want.

Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny


I spend a great amount of time researching to back up my thoughts on all subjects that I speak about, and values has been no exception. The deeper you research this subject the deeper the meaning of values becomes. I now understand when I am not living my values and the results that creates for me. The more aware I become the easier it is to recognise and the quicker it is adjust my behaviour. And you can too.

To delve deeper in to your own values, you can take a Personal Values Assessment at the Barrett Value Centre HERE

I’m Ondina and I work as an Executive and Transformational Coach with executives and business owners to understand and navigate great conversation that lead others with clarity and confidence.

When I started my first business at 21, I became a natural student of, and passionate advocate for,  personal development. Now, with a varied career, I can see that confidence is the no.1 reason our development is held back.

Many of us are quick to brush off a compliment, dangerously self-criticise and are completely unaware of the presence we have. We can give advice to others, yet don’t act on it ourselves. My belief is, confidence will emerge from clarity, persistence and the courage to hold onto your dream. My approach is to help people see their reality, and provide the awareness, tools and skills they need, to fulfil their dreams. If you bring courage and commitment, I will work with you to get the clarity you need to create change, professionally and personally. 



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