The Outer Game

transformation Jul 31, 2021
Ondina Website is Launch

With a new website launch and a brand refresh, I can definitely say that I have been working on my marketing's Outer Game this past couple of weeks. But what do I mean by the Outer Game?

I have been reinventing myself for years and for those of you that have known me for some time, you have followed my journey in business through three transitions. I transitioned into Coaching in 2010 and have loved working with amazing people who have taught me so much. 

My learning never stops, hungry for knowledge on how not only to reinvent myself but also to help my clients do the same. 

My latest re-invention journey is to build an online learning community. I have wanted to share what I have learnt with more people for many years, and had no idea where to start. When I finally met my mentor Tina Tower from Her Empire Builders, my dream started to become a reality. My Inner Game (see last month's blog on this topic ) got very noisy with fear and trepidation – I felt I like I was starting all over again. My confidence plummeted, my emotions were all over the place, I wanted it to be perfect and didn’t know how to use the technology. Quietening down my inner voice and looking at what I needed to do first was a game changer. 

My biggest realisation was that, whatever is going on inside will affect the success on what I want to happen on the outside. 

The Outer and Inner games we play

The outer game of any task we take on may include - why we want to do the task or purpose, resources and tools we have available, people we include, the standards we expect, costs, time lines and strategy to complete. 

The inner game may take in your attitude, values, assumptions, beliefs definitions, context point of view and feelings. 

Our inner and outer games are critical to our success. Most people are more familiar with focusing on the outer game, yet we can gain so much by simply becoming aware of the internal game we play, which is ultimately more within our control. Which of the inner and outer variables we focus on is a matter of choice. 

The more internal out focus becomes the more important it is to drop the judgement we put on ourselves. 

I know first-hand that the only thing that has been stopping me moving forward with my online learning dream, is the inner game I am playing – the critical voice in my head. 

When I stated to focus on what I had to do – the actions I had to take , no matter how small, I gave myself permission to move forward. 

Don’t wait to achieve what you want because of the critical voice in your head. By focusing your attention on learning the next step and observing the progress you are making, you will have the courage to continue, and that’s exactly what I have done. 

Be brave and go for what you want.


P.S. I want to shout out to my greatest supporter Rachel – from Threesides Marketing for being there every step of the way. I could not have done it without you x 

Reference: The Inner Game of Work – W. Timothy Gallwey

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