So what was it like for you

Oct 18, 2021

With lockdown over and people being encouraged to go back to their office space, what's it been like for you?

For me, I realised that I didn't want to go back to my office in a hurry, I had become quite happy and comfortable with working from my home, doing the majority of my work on Zoom. Learning new ways to do what I do and getting maximum results for my clients has been an experience I would never have had or tried if I wasn't forced to find a way to continue. That's me, but for others it has been quite a different experience.

We all come to this space differently.  Our experiences in 2021 have been strongly  impacted by our physical environment - where we live, who we live with and how we adapted our environment and routines to suit remote working, home schooling, and anything else thrown at us this year.  However it is our personalities, attitudes and perceptions that ultimately determined how we felt through these experiences.

How did you feel? How did you use your skills, talents and capabilities to adapt? How do you fit back into the world now? Will you demonstrate your worth and value differently? How will you relate to others? What resources do you have to rely on to get you and your team through what's next?

Here are a couple of things you could try:

  • Create some awareness around how you feel and simply observe the feeling - what is it telling you?
  • Drop the expectations you have for yourself and others.
  • Don't make assumptions, you can't mind read, nor can others and everyone has been impacted by this year's experiences very differently!!
  • Talk to people about what's working for you and what isn't.
  • Discuss possible changes to the way you work.
  • Connect with your colleagues again, learn how to engage with them as they are today.
  • Challenge what you believe to be true.

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