What is the meaning of relationship?

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When we see the word relationship, generally our mind will think of the romantic type. Yet there are many types of relationships – some are healthy, and some are unhealthy. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a relationship is:

“The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.”

We have relationships with family, friends, colleagues, children, lovers, partners and spouses, and we also have relationships with money, food, our phone, our job, television and so on. How we manage all the different types of relationships we come up against in our lives depends on our state of mind, our habits, our culture, our religion and many other aspects of our life.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis which caused me a lot of pain. I was prescribed some heavy medication that just did not work for me. A friend of mine sent me a book on changing my eating habits to heal my immune system – and it was the best gift ever because it completely changed my life, but it was also the most difficult thing to do. I knew that my relationship with food had to change – all the things I loved - champagne, wine, cheese, sweets, bread and more - all had to go. I had to set myself up for success.

It was hard in the beginning but when I took small steps and set up the right environment, it became easier. It took me five years to heal and it was worth it every day not to have to take mind altering drugs. Healthy meals felt good, and unhealthy meals just meant pain.

“Instead of imagining all the meals ahead of you, focus on the meal in front of you. Don't give up burgers for the rest of your life. Just order something different one time. It's hard to change lifelong habits, but it's not that hard to change a meal. Over time, those meals become your new habits.” - JONATHAN SAFRON FOER

Daily Practice

Relationships take time, relationships are not about intensity they are about consistency. They are about the little things that you do every day. Going to the gym for 10 hours in one day will not get you fit, it’s the 20 mins you spend each day that over time will get you into shape. Building meaningful relationships with your people and the things in your life takes planning and daily practice, taking small steps over time with consistency will move you towards the way you want to live your life.

Stop looking for love and really see the people in front of you!

Nurturing Professional Relationships

Professor Robin Dunbar from Cambridge University theorised that as human beings we cannot maintain more than around 150 close relationships, we just don’t have enough time, we wouldn’t be able to remember everyone’s names as well as other limiting factors. Focus on the most important relationship, the people that are in your care, so they can take care of the people who are in their care. To lead others takes courage and courage comes from the support we feel from others who have our back. Relationships that help us feel positive foster the people around us to love us and care about us, and that helps us find the courage to lead.

If you have a strong business or corporate culture your people will think of each other as being part of a family – it’s the small things you do every day that build trust, it lets you know that you love the work that you do and that you are in the right place to do a great job.

Tips to build lifetime relationships

  • Learn to listen to connect and not just to respond. 
  • Check in regularly on the state of your relationship – don’t presume everything is ok. 
  • Nourish your relationships by letting others know what they do right more than what they do wrong. 
  • Don’t treat others based on how you feel, rather treat them with love and respect. 
  • Priorotise forgiveness and trust in all your relationships. 
  • Come out from behind yourself and be real. 
  • Live with appreciation and not expectations. 
  • Celebrate all the things!

Happy February
Ondina x


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