Conversations are Transformative

Nov 09, 2021

Honour the space between, no longer and not yet - Nancy Levin

People change one conversation at a time (Susan Scott) and you never really know which one will be the one that changes you - the ones where people come out from behind themselves and become real with each other. Today's blog is about how positive transformation can happen through conversations and connecting with other people's views and ideas, to help you transition to a higher version of self. 

Transformation: the power to change form or appearance

Transformation is commonly associated with terms like improvement, higher quality, or fulfilling experiences. But how does it affect us? If you reflect on a significant period of transformation or a conversation that transformed you in some way, what you will realise is its impact was not one dimensional. A transformational shift impacts us all in many ways - how we feel, how we think and perform, how we see things and how we respond to things and get the best results.

Transformation moves us to a higher level of life that’s why we buy the things we do, look for better jobs, want to get fit or stay in shape or why we look for richer relationships. 

We are forever transforming – we live in a world that is constantly changing and we change with it. Our beliefs, understandings, values, frames of mind, behaviours and skills are all subject to the process of change. Do you remember what you wanted to be growing up? Is what you valued when you left school the same as it is now? If you’re a parent, are your values the same as they were before you created a family?

Transformation is truly possible – we cannot remain static and unchanged, that is not possible, but one can as easily change for the worse.  There are many things that facilitate positive transformation of mind and emotion. Anything that affects your thinking, beliefs and values, understanding, remembering and imagining will influence your transformation.  This involves becoming conscious, awake and intentional with the positive changes you want to make.

Other areas that can influence your transformation are reading, having robust conversations with a colleague or a coach, watching TV, movies, listening to podcasts, in fact any communication that transmits information, in-forms us on the inside. 

So be mindful what you allow into your mind – be conscious, awake and intentional and connect with information, channels and conversations that are going to draw you towards positive transformation. For example, my simple but effective transformative power is to read every morning for 30 minutes. Right now I am reading Michael Hall’s Coaching Conversations for Transformational Change which has influenced me to share what I have learned.

So start talking, reading and researching what you don't know, broaden your way of thinking by exploring what others think. Transformation might be personal but that doesn't mean you have to do it on your own. 

Next time: If you liked this month's blog, keep a look out for my December blog on How we give meaning to things

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