“Presence Speaks Louder than Words.”

Strengthen the impact that you have on people through the

Power of Personal Presence

our-purposeOur Purpose

Ondina has founded a place of creation, a place where
we work with you to develop and create a powerful
personal Presence.

Our purpose is to create the best possible version of you, through a range of services tailored to your objectives,
values and life goals. Through self-awareness your natural presence is assessed, and from there, we work together building a road map to a powerful personal Presence.

The process is respectful, engaging and fun. Our aim is that you feel involved and listened to – every step of the way.


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Create your Presence Workshops and Packages

Our 1:1 Coaching Package

We take a holistic approach to supporting you
through coaching, covering 3 key steps to Presence

During your initial 12 hours of coaching, you will
gain clarity, purpose and move forward by
creating a powerful personal presence.

Personal presence moves you from being invisible,
to influential; to be seen, heard and remembered.

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discuss your requirements

Create Your Signature
Presence Workshops

Creating a Powerful Presence goes deeper than
how you look. Your Presence is aligned with your
values, confidence, how you see yourself and
what your dreams and aspirations are.

You can Create your Presence to the level that
you want to be seen by the world, whether at
home, at work or when you’re out at play.
With the right set of skills — practiced over time
— you create a Powerful Presence.

Ondina Guest
Speaking Services

Ondina is a highly sought after speaker on
the subjects of the incredible power and
benefits of the creation of presence and
building self-confidence. Ondina also speaks on
the Power of Communication, Power of Personal Development and the Power of Perseverance.

Renowned for her expert knowledge, engaging
and interactive persona, her speaking engagements
are revered as both entertaining and insightful.

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