"Self-mastery is the DNA of your outer mastery. You are never going to perform higher than what’s going on within." – Robin Sharma

The Power of Self Mastery

"Self-mastery is the DNA of your outer mastery. You are never going to perform higher than what’s going on within." – Robin Sharma

Are you missing opportunities in your business or professional life?

Whether it’s personal, professional, spiritual, physical or any other domain of life we will explore techniques to help build your true character and presence so that you can positively impact and influence the people in your life.

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Learning objectives

The Power of Self Mastery Program will enable you to:

  • take control over the one thing you can control – YOURSELF
  • practice control over your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • look at your life right now and understand what you value most by how it is showing up in your life
  • and with the discovery of your core values, eliminate fears, set goals and master good habits in your personal and professional life.

Leadership skills for aspiring leaders and emerging managers.

Those new to managing people or projects are attracted to this course because it provides tailored training and personalised insight about what “I” need to be a great leader.

Similar to the airline analogy, where we are instructed to give oxygen to ourselves first, so we can help others; good leaders need the tools and self-awareness to look within themselves first, to effectively lead others. All types of managers can benefit from this type of insight and communication skills, at varying stages of their career but particularly if you are:

  • new to managing people, project management or running your own business and want to be more aware of how you show up to others in the workplace
  • seeking to understand the power of conversations and build better professional and personal relationships
  • looking for leaderships roles and ready to step up in your career but not sure what is holding you back or the skills required to achieve a promotion
  • looking to live a more fulfilled life and understand what is important to you.

Thought leaders you will be introduced to...

This program is based on my experience as a business owner and leadership coach and the theories and tools of a number of my favourite teachers and resources in the leadership and vocation education and training space including:

Program topics

This is not your typical management course. We are not focused on time management tools, problem solving and human resource case studies. This is about being an effective leader, a good communicator and committing to personal reflection so you can be passionate about what you do, set achievable goals and have fulfilling and powerful conversations with the people you meet along the way. You can expect to cover in the six month* training course, six areas of growth:

  1. Values – understand the why and how you do things and what motivates you. Your values are like your GPS, they guide the way you live your life.
  2. Intentions – learn to live your life intentionally, understand what you want and what you need to do to get to the next level of your life and not drift from day to day hoping it will happen.
  3. Thoughts – Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings control your behaviour. Take control of your thoughts and you will take control of your life.
  4. Conversations – allow you to connect on every level. They evolve and impact the way you connect, engage, interact and influence others, enabling you to shape your reality, mindset, events and outcomes in a collaborative way.
  5. Habits – 95% of what you do or don’t do comes down to habits. Habits, good and bad are powerful. Understand which habits work for you and change the ones that don’t.
  6. Accountability – being accountable to yourself and others – Self Mastery and self-awareness will help you understand the importance of doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.

Post course benefits and program alumni

Participants who successfully complete the Power of Self-Mastery program are automatically granted membership to our monthly online Q & A community which is facilitated by Ondina. This provides leadership development opportunities for you to continue your learning with likeminded people, who have also completed this program.

My passion is to take workplace conversations to a higher and more trusting level.

Having first-hand experience managing a team – I understand the challenges of getting to know your team and your colleagues as individual and no two individuals are the same. Each person has their own map of the world and they experience the world differently so what is right for one person can be totally the opposite for another. 

As an Executive and Business Coach My Aim is Simple:

To support you in gaining and applying powerful insights that enable you to radically flourish. With over 30 years’ experience, my expertise is trusted and proven. Several leaders attest to the success of my approach including those of national corporations and industry associations, high-level civil servants, and politicians. 

I’m deeply committed to working with leaders, executives, and business owners. Through 1:1 coaching and dedicated workshops, you will develop self-awareness, clarity, mastery and confidence. You’ll be equipped to maximise your potential, organically influence, deeply impact, and effect change.

Qualified as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Coach, International Conversational Intelligence Coach, and in Executive Coaching and Leadership, Training and Development, Business Management and more, I offer guidance that secures the behaviours you want, the capacity you need and the results you strive for.



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