1:1 Coaching Package

$4650 + GST

  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • DISC advanced profiling – your natural working style
  • Gain Clarity – know where you are going
  • Habits and behaviours – you form your habits and your habits create your future
  • Voice quality, word choices and powerful conversations
  • How you process your thoughts and information
  • Building trust
  • Attitude and character
  • Appearance – body language
  • Developing awareness – how you create impact

What Our Clients Say

This was a good introduction to what presence is and what’s needed to develop and create the impact you want to leave people with.
– Helene Blackwell, Prime TV

Our meetings have been focused on my business growth but also fun and exciting as I have been encouraged and guided to try new things and trust in my own abilities and judgements. Although there was initially some trepidation in the cost of my coaching, I can now say very positively, it has been worth every cent! Thank you Ondina for helping me to find pathways to a new and exciting future.
– Carol Watters

Ondina is encouraging and insightful and has a gentle way of bringing issues to the surface to be understood and dealt with. If there are barriers between you and success, Ondina will not break those barriers down but will climb over them and stand beside you while you break them down yourself.
– Karen Forbes, Personal Mortgage Advisor

I have known Ondina since 2001, principally in a professional capacity, however, I also regard Ondina as friend and advisor. I met Ondina when I commenced practising as a lawyer in Canberra, Ondina assisted me to purchase my first suite. Ondina has been a driver to the business community in Canberra. She has provided mentoring and style advice to a number of high profile female business community leaders in Canberra and was the 2012 Council of Small Business of Australia Small Business Champion. Ondina was the first female winner of the award. The Canberra business and fashion community is poorer for Ondina’s move to Sydney. I wish Ondina well in the next chapter of her journey.
– Linda Glover, Manager Employee Relations (Special Counsel), Airservices Australia, Canberra

It was great to take time out to work on oneself and learn more about “how to do it.” After this workshop it has come to my attention how important this actually is.
– David, Prime

Amazing experience and insight into the Power of Personal Presence.
– Minna

This workshop serves as a reminder that there is always room for self-improvement, regardless of your stage in life and career.
– Donna Swane

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