Ondina is an Executive and Business Mentor and Coach who works with her clients to create the Visibility and Impact through the Power of Personal Presence.

Through a career spanning over 28 years, Ondina has developed her position amongst Australia’s leading businesswomen in the fashion, skin care and professional services industries. Ondina opened her first business at the age of 21 and within 6 years developed the Ondina Brand.

Having developed the ‘Ondina’ Brand and building on the exposure from both cosmetics and fashion, Ondina branched out and opened Canberra’s first appointment only Fashion-for-Women Studio targeting executive women and high-end corporate clients.
Ondina provides her clients with advice and guidance, where the Power of Personal Presence is delivered through Workshops, Corporate Training, and One on One mentoring. Ondina counts amongst her clients the leaders of major national companies and Industry Associations, senior civil servants and politicians. She has developed a keen sense of how to build Personal Presence for the individual, where the emphasis is on how to Look, Speak, Think and Act like a leader.

Ondina was the first women to be named COSBOA Small Business Champion for 2012.

Ondina Moved to Sydney in October 2011 and continued her education and training with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, International Coaching Association and NLP Marin – Michelle Masters.

Drawing on her many years of experience, she is now speaking, mentoring and coaching others working in Small Business and in Corporate organisations to pursue their passions.

Subject matter includes:

  • The power of self-awareness – When we are aware of our own behaviours and beliefs, only then can they be addressed
  • The power of Communication – Conversational intelligence for individual’s leaders, managers and teams. The more we understand how our language affects others the more we build healthy and sustaining relationships.
  • The Power of a Personal Brand – what do others see in us, what do others believe about us. How do we create credibility and influence?
  • The Power of Personal Presence – How to get Seen Heard & Remembered in 3 easy steps, how you Look, Sound and Act


We take a holistic approach on all our services.
Our coaching offers a transformational approach.
We work together on the three areas that create your Presence and Self Awareness:
The way you look and present
The way you sound and communicate
And your habits and behaviours.

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Our LOOK, SOUND, ACT packages have been tailored to workshop format to cater for larger groups including corporates, industry associations and private functions.

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Ondina Gregoric is one Australia’s foremost speakers on the incredible power and benefits of the creation of presence and building self confidence. Renowned for her expert knowledge and engaging and interactive persona, her speaking engagements are revered as both entertaining and insightful.

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