Rave Reviews

A skilled coach like Ondina can help you maintain focus on your goals and improve your relationships by showing you the tools for planning and organising your life. Using the '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' as a core text, Ondina walks alongside you as you discover how to balance priorities, consider other perspectives, and live your best life not in the past or the future, but right now.
Amanda Lynch - Masterclass Participant

Not only has Ondina trained and coached our entire Canberra and Sydney team to be values driven and emotionally intelligent leaders of tomorrow, the personal coaching and mentoring she has provided to me has encouraged me to develop my own management and HR skills. With her extensive business experience and dynamic career path, she is also my sounding board voice of reason for critical business and resourcing decisions. Thank you Ondina for being there when I need you most!
Rachel Wright – Three Sides Marketing

I have known Ondina since 1980 and since that time have collaborated with her on several assignments and client groups. We have worked as a small team providing specialised management and support services to Owners, CEO and Executives of a large successful family owned Australian business within the Construction Industry.

Ondina provides intensely confidential business support and expert guidance to Owners and their Executives in their daily work lives.

A big part of her success has been identifying the business challenges beyond the day to day and assisting with the development of strategies to then provide meaningful outcomes. In the work I have undertaken with Ondina she has demonstrated her ability to build communication pathways within a business, develop higher levels of personal awareness, refocus the Executive team and workshops strategies to focus on future direction and goals for the business.

Ondina’s commitment to her clients is measure in the successful growth of their businesses.

Rick – Queensland Property Consultants

Ondina’s Self-Mastery course is a comprehensive, evidence-based series of workshops which will transform your work and personal relationship by increasing your self-awareness and awareness of others. What you will learn will be clarity around your values, goal setting, recognising we have choices and learning how to connect with others who have diverse behavioural styles. At the end of the course you will have the knowledge and desire to show the world the sparkling treasures of your best self and let go of the limiting behaviours that hold you back. It is profound, warm and enjoyable journey guided by true professionals.


WOW!!! Wonderful for self-growth and having a clearer picture of who you are and what you want. Loved the connection with the other woman in a room full of trust.

Ondina, thank you for all your time and sharing all your knowledge and being the inspiring woman that you are.

Margot Ridley

Thank you for your amazing leadership, instruction, teachings, wisdom, caring, honesty, empathy and pure hard work helping me through this course and across the past months Ondina – such a blessing to have been a part of this wonderful group of women!

Thank you ‘wonderful group of women’ I treasure the support you have unconditionally shared.

Hellen Falla, Canberra Hospital Foundation

What can I say? If you are only just thinking about the course, don’t think, do! This course led by Ondina, will make you think deeply and consider how you act and react in the world. Ever had those conversations that seem to go nowhere? Conversations will always be a win/win situation after this course with Ondina. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Ondina is as a person and as a life coach. Sign up and watch your life change as you grow and evolve into a new you.

Michelle Roach

I attended Ondina's 6-month self-mastery course and can only say great things. Ondina is a master at sharing her knowledge. She delivers her content with kindness, is extremely generous and easily adapts to the audience needs.

The learnings during the 6-month program prompts deep thinking that has far reaching benefits from a personal and business perspective - she helps you evaluate what’s important and shares skill to implement the have a long-lasting effect.

I heartily recommend this training to anyone wanting to invest in them self.

Debbie Eglin

For a long while, I have been basically managing our business by myself. I recently realized that I had come to a stage where I needed help to cover the day to day work. The extra finance needed to cover the extra person was an issue and I realized the business needed to grow even further in order to generate enough profits to cover and extra person’s income as well as make a profit overall.

I saw Ondina present at the National Coaches Institute for seminar. I found her background history very stimulating and though I was in a different industry, I saw some similarities as to where she had come from and got to in her business and where I was hoping to go.

She is dignified, friendly, articulate, genuine and exciting! So, it was an easy decision to ask if I could be a client of hers.

I have not been disappointed. From Day 1. Ondina has been an inspiration. A genuine source of support and encouragement that has enabled me to achieve my initial goals and has set me on a path to I believe a very successful future!

Several of my friends and colleagues have made spontaneous comments to me in that they perceive a growth in my confidence personally and professionally.

Although, there was initially some trepidation in the cost of my coaching, I can now say very positively, it has been worth every cent!

Thank you Ondina for helping me to find pathways to a new and exciting future.

Carol Watters

The last 6 months attending the Power of Self Awareness Workshops has been life changing.

At such a young age Ondina as challenged me to open my mind and approach so many
different situations in a new light. I never realised how important it was presenting myself
each day and the impacts it has on those around me. I am more confident, energetic and
motivated in both my professional and personal life. The relationships I have formed over
the last 6 months has been amazing and this was all from the beginning by how safe Ondina
made the environment. I will be carrying all the lessons I have learnt through the rest of my


Words cannot convey the joy Ondina's courses have given me and the appreciation I have for her. She has changed my life, and I think more importantly, she has taught me to appreciate life and change things myself.

The skills that she teaches and the awareness she brings about, have made a huge impact on the way I think and feel about myself, and the way I approach situations and others. I am no longer worried about just being myself and I’m not afraid to speak up about what I value. Ondina and Fiorella created a safe space from the very first session and we were able to talk freely about anything and everything. The personal growth that occurs in these sessions is phenomenal. I will carry the skills I have learnt and the friendships I have made through the rest of my life, and will definitely continue to work with Ondina and take her courses into the future.

I would highly recommend everyone invest some time in themselves and take Ondina's courses, you won't regret it.