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No Visibility = No Impact

You may have the best skill, but unless you are able to connect with your others, build strong relationships and develop trust – you cannot achieve the impact you set out to create.

If you are not getting the recognition you deserve then the time to start working on your visibility is right NOW!

We work together on 3 key areas, how you:

• Your physical appearance including body language.
• Your clarity and purpose and intention.
• Your energy passion and spirit.
• Your surroundings and your personal workspace.

• Your speaking patterns, vocal quality, tone, energy and attitude.
• Your word choices and use of language.
• Your ability to control reactions and outbursts.
• Your ability to think visually & communicate through stories and clear memorable messages.

• Your consistency of behaving with integrity.
• Your ability to engage with others.
• Your demonstration of thoughtfulness, manners and a sense of humility.
• Your ability to confident and accountable for your results.

We offer you a Personalised Mentoring Program that will deliver you purpose and awareness, so that your visibility and personal presence will move you from being invisible, to influential.


We take a holistic approach all our services.
Commence with our classic ACT packages which are upgradable to SOUND and LOOK, or you may wish to book for our complete signature presence package which includes all three. Please contact us on 1300 880 248 to discuss your requirements.

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Our LOOK, SOUND, ACT packages have been tailored to workshop format to cater for larger groups including corporates, industry associations and private functions.

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Ondina Gregoric is one Australia’s foremost speakers on the incredible power and benefits of the creation of presence and building self confidence. Renowned for her expert knowledge and engaging and interactive persona, her speaking engagements are revered as both entertaining and insightful.

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