How To Get Seen When You Feel Totally Invisible

In May 2012, I packed up my life after spending 30 years living in Canberra for a life in Sydney. I had a successful business, a beautiful apartment looking over the lake – and I was really excited to be starting a new life in Sydney.

What I didn’t consider was that the success that I had achieved in Canberra was not going to necessarily follow me to Sydney.

I had started my Coaching study a few years before and was excited to start my practice in Sydney – I had gone from being totally visible to being totally invisible. I soon realised that the coaching market in Sydney was quite crowded and I felt like a tiny fish in a huge ocean. Having grown a business before I knew what I had to do – but nothing came easy. I started to feel discouraged and a little defeated and I knew I was not going to survive if I didn’t change how I was thinking.

I created the model below to track my journey – going from feeling totally invisible to feeling empowered.

I was invisible and miserable.

I was the one that had to CHANGE something or I would remain insignificant.

I changed my thinking and my BEHAVIOUR, I started to feel adequate and believable.

I developed a PURPOSE.

I felt credible and validated.

I built a PROFILE.

I become visible and respected.

I got clear about who I wanted to be and how I could be of service to others.

I created INFLUENCE with the work I was doing and gaining confidence again.

I felt visible and able to Impact again through my work as a coach – not only did I feel empowered – I was helping others feel empowered as well.


Where are you on this pyramid?

How visible do you feel?


Here are 3 things to examine if you want to become more visible:

  1. Who you are – Self-awareness enables us to examine the way we see ourselves, our attitudes and our behaviours, our map of how we see the world. Our behaviour and how we make our decisions.
  2. What you believe – Our beliefs shape every aspect of who we are, from body language to the actions we choose to undertake. The presence we want to demonstrate, the values we want to convey and how that matches up with how others perceive us.
  3. How you are remembered – How we use our presence to influence others. To be inspiring and to inspire others: standing out and being noticed for our personal integrity and our ability to generate trust.

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