As a Business owner you reflect the business that you have created. You spend an enormous amount of time on creating the look and feel of the business including color, branding, your website, online presence as well as printed material or handouts.

What about YOU as the business owner? How much time have you put into they way you represent your business? How you look, how you sound and how you act? What are you saying to your customers?

Do you embody the same look and feel as your business

Does your tone of voice and posture reflect this to your customers?

Are you reflecting the values of your business?

Is your communication working for you?

Are you behaving consistently with integrity?

Ensuring that you create impact is a skill that can be learnt in a relatively short amount of time, but takes years to master.

Learning effective business skills include; how to look, sound and act. These skills are as important as your business skills.

We work with you to so that you can gain clarity and purpose to build confidence and create impact, which will give you the direction, fulfillment and visibility you need to succeed in your career.

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We take a holistic approach all our services.
Commence with our classic ACT packages which are upgradable to SOUND and LOOK, or you may wish to book for our complete signature presence package which includes all three. Please contact us on 1300 880 248 to discuss your requirements.

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Our LOOK, SOUND, ACT packages have been tailored to workshop format to cater for larger groups including corporates, industry associations and private functions.

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Ondina Gregoric is one Australia’s foremost speakers on the incredible power and benefits of the creation of presence and building self confidence. Renowned for her expert knowledge and engaging and interactive persona, her speaking engagements are revered as both entertaining and insightful.

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